David Cho

On this page, you will find the campaigns that I led as the Creative Arts Director at New Life Fellowship. All the campaigns below have been worked on with volunteers except in the "New Life Fellowship Brand" section. 

New Life Fellowship Brand

I had the opportunity to lead our organization in a rebranding process few years back. We hired designers, recruited leaders in the community, staff members, and key volunteers to help form our brand and the general direction of our organization. We walked through this process intentionally as we committed ourselves to understanding who we are, who we want to be, and allowing the vision to reach people in a clear and powerful way. The gallery below is our brand guideline and our standard at which we hold ourselves to.  

Organization Philosophy




Print: Static vs Dynamic

Our organization identified two platforms that we wanted to share information via print. We identified them as static & dynamic information. Static is the information about our organization that has little to no change on a weekly basis. Elements such as gathering times, vision, philosophy, and overall structure. Dynamic is the information that is constantly changing on a weekly basis. We printed the static cards on thicker card stock paper and aimed these towards newcomers so they had general information about our organization. The dynamic sheet of paper was given to every person that came to our gathering with the hopes of keeping them informed with the latest announcements & events. 

Static Information

Front - Static Info

Back - Static Info

Dynamic Information

Front - Dynamic Info

Front - Dynamic Info

Back - Dynamic Info

Back - Dynamic Info

Psalm Campaign

We did a 10 week Summer Campaign in called Psalm. For each week, we recruited and scheduled artists in our community to read over a chapter in the book of Psalm and create a form of art that displayed their interoperation of the passage. We made videos for all 10 art pieces and showed it before that chapter was being shared on. At the end of the campaign, we auctioned off each piece and 100% of all proceeds went toward mission work.

Psalm Campaign Artwork

Psalm Campaign Artwork

Good Friday & Easter Campaigns

For our Good Friday and Easter weekend, we decided to focus and devote time on the visual decor of the room. For the weekend, we created a cross that stood close to 15 feet in height. We wanted the cross to be a primary symbol in our gathering facility over the weekend. For Good Friday service, we had the cross on the stage and draped the middle portion of our stage wall black to further emphasize the dark atmosphere. For our Easter service, we removed the pipe and drapes and had "Jesus Is Alive" posted on the wall. For the letters, we bought sheets of styrofoam boards at a local shop, traced the letters, painted each letter few coats, and posted them on the wall. This was a major project for our creative team and volunteers but we were proud of the results of how it helped emphasize the message of Good Friday and Easter. 

New Life Highlight Video 2012

Baptism Campaign

Hope Campaign


I Love My Church Campaign

This was one of the first campaigns I led in our organization with our creative team. This was an exciting time because we had just finished our rebrand with the new logo and understanding of our target audience. We really wanted to push this message that even though the organization is not prefect, that it is better to be the person who helps bring about positive change rather than having a negative mindset. The pictures below is our connection corner area where any of our community hangs out after the gathering. We wanted to redo this area so it can be conducive for people to spend time and also reiterate what we believe as a church. On the left, there's a picture of what the connection corner looked like before. We ended up destroying the counter top to open the area up. We then took down the green boards and replaced them with wood boards that we painted all white. On one side of the wall, we designed and printed our vision, philosophy, staff, and other tags that identified our organization. On the other wall, we outlined and hand painted our new logo and campaign logo (I love my church), and created a wall full of photos of our community. With the photo wall, we wanted to convey the message that we are a community that should stick together and fight for unity. 





Teach Us To Pray Campaign 

Christmas Campaign

Our 4 week Christmas campaign, each week we focused on one character in the Christmas story. (Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise Men, and Jesus). For our sermon intro video, we had the person giving the message to talk briefly with any background information of the character they were sharing on. 

Gospel Revolution 2014 Weekend Campaign


Gospel Revolution 2013 Campaign